#53 – Give other people presents on my birthday.

I am typically an awful present giver. I do alright with receiving (spoiled much?) but I always lack creativity, funds, or time to make gift-giving special.

It’s not something I’m proud of.

But this birthday I had an opportunity. A chance to take an area of weakness and give it my best effort. The funds are still low (we’re paying for law school after all) and the amount of free time isn’t significant (but when will it ever be?)… But I do think I got points in the thoughtful/ creative category.

I knew that on the evening of my birthday I would be surrounded by some of my favorite people at the dinner table. So I made a point throughout the week leading up to my birthday to think of small yet thoughtful gifts for each person that would be around me. Some candy for Daddy & Grandaddy. Cutesy fall decorations for Mom and Ooma. Expo markers for Will. (We have a dry erase board in our living room, people! Law school!) And a homemade cd for Fenn.

Small. Almost nothing. But I made special name tags for each, wrapped them all in a bag, and (here’s the kicker) kept a secret for over a week! Haha. All little things, but done with much thought.

And while the gifts weren’t huge and I didn’t/don’t expect any praise or thanks for pulling them together, my heart was full. Little tangible “I love you’s” to six people who show me their love tangibly all year round.

All of the gifts and cake and celebration in my honor was nice, but my favorite part of the day was celebrating THEM. That’s what birthdays should really be about. Not “thank me for being born”, but “thank YOU for making my life so full year after year”.

Last-minute couple’s Halloween costume idea?? We’ve got you covered!

A few weeks ago I asked for some ideas for what famous couple Will & I should dress up like for Halloween... without putting in too much effort or money :) While I got some GREAT suggestions (Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch will be saved for the pregnancy years), we had a definite winner.

And the winner is… Susanhho with the idea of Forrest Gump & Jenny!!!!


Easy enough, cute enough, street-clothes-ish enough, and recognizable enough to be the perfect costumes for us!! And if you need a quick and easy costume, here’s how it’s done:

For me (Jenny): White lace skirt with white tank top, chambray vest (really fur or suede would be better if you have it), headband around the forehead (the sparklier the better), and loads of layered jewelry. For him (Forrest): Red hat with “Bubba Gump” logo taped to it, short-sleeved plaid shirt, khaki pants (pulled a little higher than usual), white gym socks, and magic shoes (aka. tennis shoes).

Done! Halloween success story for the ages! Thanks again, Susan! Legitimately, email me your address and I’ll send you some Halloween candies :)