Birthday Glamping 2014

My husband is a sweetheart.

For my birthday weekend we are headed to the mountains (in t-minus 1 hour!!!!) and as a treat he made the perfect glamping kit… Can you tell he listens to me obsess over really cool bloggers? Haha!


In our glamping kit, Will included:

  • Gold handled coffee mugs (Threshold at Target). Remember that problem we have collecting coffee mugs? I really actually love it :) A fresh cup to drink my fresh brew in on Saturday morning.
  • Pretty pencils with funny sayings (Wit & Delight at Target). For me to grade with, sketch with, doodle with, and laugh at.
  • Earphones… Because I always steal his :) Oops!
  • Sparkling cider. So that we can feel fancy as the sun sets behind the mountains.
  • A classic plaid blanket. So that we can snuggle while we’re being fancy with our cider.
  • The cutest owl bottle stopper (Threshold at Target). Just because he’s the cutest little guy and woodland animals are so in. ;)
  • And finally. The most glorious gift of them all! Graham crackers, Hershey’s bars, and marshmallows… and metal roasting sticks. The promise of a campfire and S’MORES!

This is going to be the best weekend ever…

FriYAY Faves!

Since this weekend is my birthday weekend, these are some super special hints for all of you out there! Just teasing. But only kinda :)

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.33.36 PM

1. Copper and Torch Cube Terrarium Vase ($45) – Somedays I just really miss Athens. Especially because of all of the cool people that live there!! I’ve been following Lindsay on social media for a while now, and her craft is AMAZING. She was recently named a finalist in Martha Stewart’s 2014 American Made competition, and I was so proud! Her artistry combine industrial materials with soft designs that make the perfect modern combo (aka. metal + flowers = cool). Check her out! She also makes incredible copper and glass jewelry and coasters!

2. Simply Jessica Marie’s PSL Card ($4.50) – All of her stuff is so cutesy, but this card takes the cake. I think the text is hilarious and her drawings are so simple yet detailed. And she has great holiday cards too!! (Including a sister card to the PSL… the Peppermint Mocha haha.)

3. Mimi’s The Look Gold Cutout State Bracelet ($14) – This is a great bracelet to layer or wear as a statement piece. And who doesn’t look representing their state? Obviously, Georgia was my choice, but Mimi’s is also featuring Alabama and South Carolina right now. Mimi’s has an AWESOME online store with clothes, jewelry, and bags out the wah-zoo! I always love their patterns and prints!

4. Indigo Embroidered Clutch ($44) – Okay, you caught me. This one isn’t local or handmade at all. But it is LOVELY so I had to include it. I haven’t had a clutch… ever. I’m all about the catch-all bags, but now I’m wanting something that I can just grab on the go that will make my outfit pop. And here is a great example of a bag that does just that!! Plus, I’m a sucker for embroidery and beading…

5. THAT PUPPY! (Priceless!!) – Please please please please please! Legitimately, he’s my favorite on the list this week. If only, if only… :)

Until next Friday, friends! Enjoy your weekend!

{P.S. What’s an area you’d like to see more of on FriYAY faves? Home goods? Clothes? Gadgets and puppies? I’ll do my best to find some of the best of whatever you request! And if you’re a talented guy or gal, I’d love to feature you!}

Identity: Okay, so I thought I knew me but…

My blog has been weird recently. It’s having an identity crisis. Kinda like it’s owner.

Now, I guess I shouldn’t call what I’m in a “crisis” because it’s actually a really wonderful thing, self-discovery. But it’s also a place where vulnerability rears its scary head and you realize how great and how awful you are all at once. You get to look straight into the mirrors of “Who am I?” and “What am I doing with purpose?”… and then answer. Yikes.

Moving and starting life in a new place can in part be to blame for these questions. But recently, I have also realized through conversations with sweet friends that I’m not alone in this transition. I’ll be 25 in a few days. I graduated from UGA (twice). I got married to the most perfect guy for me. I have a job that I adore. And I literally think the thought “How lucky am I?” on a daily basis… So what’s the problem??

The answer: I don’t think there is one. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not learning new things about myself every single day. And that means that my identity STILL isn’t fully formed. I’m not my best me yet. And if I ever think I am… then I’ve probably got a crisis, for real.

I think often when we talk about identity, we forgot the most important part… It’s an ever-shifting, always-changing thing. I don’t just have to be Ginger-the-extrovert. Actually, Ginger-the-introvert has been popping up more and more as I increase in age.

So who am I? {Loaded question, I’m aware.}

  • I’m a wife. But not just that. I’m also my husband’s friend and cuddle buddy and eating-out-all-the-time partner-in-crime and study coach and running pal. We’ve been so blessed to spend our first year of marriage dedicated to figuring out “us”, but now it’s also fun to figure out Ginger-as-a-married-adult and Will-as-a-married-adult individually. The best part, we still like each other and are still getting to learn about each other as we grow!
  • I’m a teacher. But I also like writing and design and connecting people. Those are all things I can do in my job, but they are all things I can explore outside of my teacher bubble too. Just because I’m a teacher doesn’t mean that I can’t be a barista during the summer if I want to (and I might want to).
  • I’m a daughter of the King (literally a princess… that makes me so happy). This should’ve gone first, but I think it’s okay that it didn’t because it is so much a part of every other piece of me that (I hope) it influences the wife and teacher in me. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created them.” Genesis 1:27… Tale as old as time. Literally.
  • Also… I’m a lover of floral prints and stripes.
  • I’m an obsessor of details.
  • But I’m also really super forgetful.
  • I’m a gal that craves conversations and coffee… all the time.
  • I am always changing. Evolving. Learning. Growing. Adapting. Becoming more ME.

And my goal in life is for ME to become more like Christ. So I never want any of those pieces of me to go away. Because that’s who I was made to be. {Thank goodness!}

How have you seen your identity change in recent years? Has it scared you? Empowered you? Liberated you? The most freeing thing in my mind is knowing that I never have to be the exact same as I was yesterday… I can be better today!

Ingleside Village Pizza

I went to another great local restaurant in town today!! Ingleside Village Pizza! Whenever Will and I get pizza in town, this is where we go. It’s fun, it’s local, and it’s delicious!!!!


My personal fave… The White Pizza! Ricotta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, garlic and MORE cheese. It’s a great way to trick yourself into thinking that you’re eating a healthy pizza (until you get to the more cheese part and forget to care if it’s healthy or not… because it’s pizza).

Whether you’re getting a pizza to-go or dining in, it’s a super fun place to grab your meal. And it’s not far off of I-75, for all you traveling folk!! Also… It’s pizza. You can’t go wrong there!!

Stay Sweet!

To get ready for Red Ribbon Week next week, our class made a poster for the school-wide contest. Obviously it had to be fall-themed. Obviously it had to be a craft that my kiddos could participate in. And obviously it had to have a corny saying!

So there came Pinterest to the rescue! And here’s what we made!


No sweet treat says fall as much as candy corn. Tear art? My kids can do some tear art. And corny? Well… That speaks for itself :)

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