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I have a new favorite website. It’s called Creative Live and it’s a hub of everything I love!

Creative Live’s goal is to provide people with podcasts and video webinars on a variety of creative topics, including art & design, photography & videography, music & audio, craft & maker, and money & life. Literally any topic you want to learn about… it’s here!

And the best part is that you can buy classes and keep them forever OR you can schedule to “attend” a live class anytime for FREE!!! Their calendar is constantly full, and I love to browse, find seminars that interest me, and then tune in while Will is studying.

So far I’ve learned about pattern making, typography, and scrapbooking your story.

Watch out, world! Ginger’s learning stuff!

Fall Fest Success!

We had a great day at Alpharetta First UMC!! Mom’s first time as a vendor at a festival was a huge success! She is a pro!! Her display was so beautiful, and I was so proud of her for letting her passion for the craft shine through as she spoke with people at the festival! Her enthusiasm led to some very excited customers, who I know will enjoy their succulents for months to come. Plus, I had a lot of fun being her saleswoman :)


And in addition to making some great sales, we were really lucky enough to be placed near some super vendors that after a day together became friends!

Seeking Baby J:


Mandee and her husband were a joy to chat with, and they were selling really beautiful handmade bracelets to help fundraise for their adoption. Her bracelets are TOO cute and have lovely designs that are hand painted!! To check out Mandee’s blog and learn more about their journey and how you can help, click here!

Michael Lane Walker Designs:


We also met Michael Lane Walker Designs, and they also made some beautifully unique bracelets. I was so impressed by the craftsmanship of their products because all of their rings and bracelets and made from solid pieces of wood! Such a cool design, and they’ve really put a lot of thought into their bracelets and how you can layer them too! If you want to check out their full gallery, click here!

I’m really hoping mom had as much as I did today and that we can do it again soon! It was so much fun to do something out of our comfort zones together! And nothing beats time with family :)

FriYAY Faves!

Here we go again! Another week well-lived and another 5 things to make you say YAY!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.13.50 PM

1. Puddleduck Paper Co. stationary ($4.50/card) – As I’ve noted before, I’m a HUGE fan of letter writing and receiving. The art of snail mail seems to be fading away, but there is something so special and personal about sitting down to write down your thoughts on paper and then putting the flag up on the mailbox. I’m pretty sure letter writing is its own love language. And just in time to start preparing for the holidays, one of my favorite paperies has hit the holiday card goldmine and created some gorgeous stationary pieces that will get you excited for the season of giving. My personal faves are the gold foil “Joy to the World” and the peppermint-clad “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” cards. Gorgeous! And while I’ve never met Mattie, she’s a Georgia girl so I double like her.

2. Minnetonka Mesa Boots ($100) – I told you I’d post another short boot :) These are totally different from last week’s choice. Suede. Fringe. Super casual, but I could also seen them paired up with a cute dress. And I’ve heard Minnetonkas are ridiculously comfortable!

3. Ashley Brooke Designs coffee mug ($23) – Like I need another coffee mug in my life… Haha! We are half purposefully/ half accidentally coffee mug collectors. The fun part is that most of our coffee mugs are either from special locations (our rehearsal dinner venue, our coffee shop in our first town as marrieds, Waffle House…) or they are silly cute (whales, whales, and more whales). I adore ABD’s coffee mugs because they say the best things! From “I Woke Up Like This” to “Good Morning, Dollface”, they allow you to be pleasant each morning and let your coffee mug do all the talking for you. I super love her “Let’s Always Be Fancy” mug. It’d make a great gift for some gal pals…

4. Floral Kimono ($75) – Ever since I saw my friend Steph rocking a kimono, I’ve craved one for myself. Badly. She said that she found hers at TJ Maxx, so before I spend the big bucks I’m going to go scour the racks there. But I found this ASOS kimono in a floral pattern (what? me? floral?) and I love it love it love it! As I build my teacher wardrobe, I want to add pieces that can be worn here, there, and everywhere. I think the kimono can bridge the professional teacher/ trendy young 20’s gap quite nicely.

5. Southlife/ Lizzy J’s Gold Acid Splashed Cuff ($30) – Shoutout to one of my favorite southern style companies!! Southlife is based in Thomasville (automatic LOVE status) and was started by Heather & Kelly Abbott, some amazing friends and very talented artists. They have designed and created some beautiful jewelry pieces, belts, and other accessories using shotgun shells. The way that they’ve been able to tie in fashion with elements of the southern lifestyle is really awesome! And Amy just started working for them so now I see their stuff (including this cuff) on her all the time… and I want it too!

What do you think about this week’s choices? Any of these (mostly artisan made) items striking your fancy?? All I know is that Friday’s make me want to shop… :)


Ladies, I’ve found the most wonderful, thoughtful, well-designed, and (mostly) free women’s devotion online! It’s fantastic, and it’s called #SheReadsTruth.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.20.49 PM

I downloaded the app from the iTunes App Store first and immediately loved all of the features. In addition to FREE devotion series, there are also book studies for just a few dollars each! Plus, there are really stinking cute wallpaper designs that accompany each devotion pack and serve as simple reminders on your phone’s lock screen of what the Lord is teaching you through your daily devos. I’m a big fan of that. Also, there is a journal within the app where you can note verses or passages that struck you and then find them easily later.

The best part about #SheReadsTruth is that it’s a community. At the end of each devotion, girls can comment and interact, encourage and pray, and truly bring their sisters in Christ before the throne in an online format. Crazy how technology is changing our world, but even crazier how those changes can impact the Kingdom. I feel like the app (and the website, which includes a GORGEOUS online store of scripture prints and journals and paper copies of devos) meets gals where they are in this modern technology age. That’s what spreading the gospel is going to look like for some, especially for middle and high school girls that only know what it is to have an iPhone in their pocket. Gospel-loving, trend-setting, scripture-teaching, beautiful devotions for every girl.

I just read the “Open Your Bible” devotion series (which is FREE) and was really challenged by the scripture and discussion. It definitely did some tugging at my heart to be more purposeful about my study of the Bible. Give it a try for yourself and let me know what you learn!

Paula Deen Peach Cobbler (Oh em gee)

When Will told me that he had volunteered for me to bring a dessert to the law school potluck, I was PUMPED! I haven’t had the chance to bake in quite some time and I’ll use any excuse to try out something new. But I decided that I wanted to stick to a classic… nothing to crazy… but not chocolate chip cookies. So naturally I chose peach cobbler. Delicious. In season (for not too much longer). And easy to make.

But then I wanted a challenge… {Enter Paula Deen}

I knew that the Queen of the Southern Kitchen would have a delectable cobbler recipe, and she didn’t disappoint. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t difficult, but it did require a STICK OF BUTTER. Ew/yummmmm. I have always taken the “dump cake” approach to cobbler, but this recipe did take a little more skill. I boiled the peaches down to make a syrup. I made the batter from scratch rather than a cake box. And… I sprinkled cinnamon on top.

That’s literally as hard as it gets.

And the result:


Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and call it a day :)


The power of a story makes us realize that we are not alone as we discover the beauty of life admist the darkness that surrounds it. -Veronica Madrigal

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